Cantorion Choir

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While nothing can take the place of coming together to sing, we can take the opportunity to spend some time developing our individual voices. In order to help you best take advantage of this opportunity, I have made a series of vocal warm up videos. When practised regularly, these warm up exercises will expand your vocal technique and enhance your voice.

A couple of caveats - I am personally someone who is uninterested in being a part of Facebook or other social media platforms. While I invite you to use these videos and share them with others if you know someone who would benefit from them, I would ask that you not post the link to them on your social media accounts.

Secondly, these videos are unedited and uncut - I make tone and tuning mistakes throughout. Consider it my gift of humanity to you in a world that is fascinated using our computers to create perfection:)

Finally, many of these exercises come from years of singing in voice lessons and in choirs. I am very thankful to have made music with so many wonderful and talented people! While I have credited some of my teachers in the videos, the people to whom I am indebted are far too many to list. Thank you.

Vocal Warmup #1 - Posture

Vocal Warmup #2 - Breath

Vocal Warmup #3 - Vowel Formation

Vocal Warmup #4 - Focused Tone