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Our Mission 

Cantorion Choir is London's premier community choir. Based on the tradition of the Welsh choral experience, Cantorion contributes to the community by providing excellent concert performances.

Our Values

** To  encourage the enjoyment of singing together

** Respects and supports each chorister in their choral experience.

** Strives for musical excellence at all times.

** Acts professionally and with integrity in all choir activities.

** Makes decisions collaboratively.

** Is inclusive of gender, race, age, sexual orientation and ability.

** Approaches all aspects of choral experience with a positive attitude, humor,       

    honesty, respect and patience.

Singing is good for the body, mind, and soul. Please read on to see that the Cantorion Choir has a unique set of activities, focus and values that many find appealing. 

It's also a lot of fun!   Cantorion practices at  Knollwood Park Public School from Sept through early June