Don had not sung since grade 4 and was now approaching retirement with a notion of doing something musical. He didn't read music, but was willing to learn. During a Cantorion Fall Open House, Don showed up to observe the choir during one of its practices. Not allowed to just observe, he was put next to tenor Eddie for the evening. Eddie showed Don the ropes and encouraged him along. Don became a member when he retired the following year. After just two practices, Don asked Judy Brown, the choir director at that time, if she thought he was ready to contribute to an upcoming concert. Judy's reply, "You're ready, I didn't hear anything awful coming from your direction!" Supportive, encouraging, fun - Cantorion Values.

Don Barclay - Tenor

William came to one of Cantorion's events and had so much fun, he decided to give the choir a try and has stayed with it. His musical training is rather elementary: " I knew what a staff was and that the notes higher up the staff had to be sung higher - and that is about all.   I'm enjoying learning about music, singing, and the social time with the other members of the choir. It takes me away from my usual daily concerns. I find choir fun, challenging, and enriching".

William Funston - Tenor